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Think of what it would be like if your pet's veterinarian was also your best friend. Someone you could count on to put your and your pet's needs first. That's what we're aiming for. Providing pet parents with important, medically-sound information about pet health is Review Bark's goal.

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To provide the best advice, we work with board-certified veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and trainers.

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Before publication, we systematically research, fact-check, and review all content for accuracy.

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To ensure up-to-date standards and information, we review every piece of content every year.

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Through our product recommendations, we simplify the shopping journey for consumers and enable better-informed shopping decisions for parents for their pets.


What Makes Us Special

Our product recommendations are put together by our team of advisors, consisting of veterinarians, breeders and experienced owners. This group-mind allows us to ensure accurate and unbiased opinions from all angles. We do the research for you, saving money and your time!


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We're unbiased! We don't receive any free products or unsolicited feedback from the brands we promote. Products are tested across a wide variety or breeds and conditions, ensuring that all doggos from a Great Dane to a Pug will find a suitable item.

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